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Why use Global Intelligence Service?

We treat all enquires in the strictest confidence and advice and quotes are FREE.

Will the person i am tracing know that i am looking for them?

Nobody should ever be able tell that they are being investigated. Our services are completely private and confidential.

Is it legal?

Yes. As Licensed and registered investigators we have been trained and educated to meet the legal requirements of the law. Investigators are authorised and have tools available to access tens of thousands of records.

How long does it take?

This really does depend on the service required. We will always give an estimate of the timings required during our initial consultation.

What are your payment terms and methods?

We are happy to accept payments via Credit Card, Cheque, Bank Transfer, and other Online Payment methods.

Please contact us for quotations regarding our rates and costs.

What guarantee is there?

Our aim with each case is to meet and exceed our clients stated objectives through an accurate, professional, thorough and cost effective investigation. However there may be times that the results are not what were expected. We will only report on facts and all reports will be provided in writing, where possible Video footage and photo�s will be provided with a report.

What information do you need?

This depends on the service that is required.

By giving us as much information as possible may prove to be time saving in our reaches and investigation therefore a cost saving to the client.

  • Full name
  • Last known address
  • Date of birth
  • Names of relatives, previous employers and friends
  • Employment / career particulars
  • How soon can you start?

    We aim to start work on your case as soon as practical once we have received official instructions from the client.

    What areas do you cover?

    Global Intelligence Service not only works across Australia but we also have a strong network of Investigators, Process servers and affiliations in many countries around the world.

    What hours do you work?

    All Investigators and agents at Global Intelligence Service when on a case are on call 24/7. Once we have accepted your case you will be given a 24 hour mobile number should you wish to contact us with vital information regarding your case. As the case is important to you, you will be regularly updated with your case progress.

    Will my partner will find out that I'm checking on them?

    Nobody should ever be able to know that they are being investigated. It�s our business to provide a service that is completely private and confidential and to protect the client�s amininity.

    What methods do you use to communicate with your clients?

    We are completely flexible with the style, frequency and method of communication. No matter the method, our communication is always confidential and professional.

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