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Over many years, Global Intelligence Service has established relationship with agents and researchers not only nationally, but also in many countries abroad thus giving us the ability to research at a local level and also being able to serve documents in the most difficult of locations: Pakistan, India, Papua New Guinea and The Philippines are only a few locations that we have successfully conducted investigations/research. Global Intelligence Service has also successfully served official court documents in these countries having also obtained the necessary affidavits to satisfy the Australian court system. We have established excellent relationships with our counterpart agents in US & Europe.

Joseph Martinico � Director

Joe has 20+ years experience at upper management level working within the humanitarian and investigations industries abroad. He has worked with The United Nations, Care Australia, The International Federation of Red Cross and other such organisations in East Timor, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iraq, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Kosovo, China, North Korea and many countries in the South East Asia region during times of conflict. He has also managed and operated small to medium businesses. There isn�t much Joe hasn�t seen in criminal, civil cases, war crimes and crimes against humanity. His vast array of experience is invaluable to our clients. Joe oversees all Global Intelligence Service�s operations and outside of work is an avid reader of true crime stories and searching for the endless summer.

Joe is the recipient of several Australian government citations for his international work.

Kate � Senior Consultant

Kate is an experienced investigator with in depth surveillance and tracking skills. Kate is a qualified private investigator who builds strong rapport with her clients through her warm and caring approach, attention to detail and passion for solving their problems. Kate is a passionate ultra distance athlete who has proven time and time again that she has the attitude and courage to endure when others would give up.

Paul � Senior Consultant

Paul is a tertiary qualified professional who over the past 10+ years has enjoyed a successful career with helping people through stressful periods of the lives. Paul�s professional and friendly approach is always well received by our clients. Although he hasn�t covered the super human distances as his colleague Kate; Paul is also an avid health and fitness enthusiast.

Heidi � Senior Consultant

Heidi brings a softer approach to the Global Intelligence Service team. Heidi brings a considered and warm approach to all of her client interactions.

Anthony � Process Server / Consultant

Anthony is a young man with energy and enthusiasm who persists until the documents are served showing compassion to the recipients. Anthony is meticulous with his paperwork and prompt in getting the job done. The only shortfall Anthony has is that he is a Carlton supporter.

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