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It is difficult to provide an estimate in this area as all investigations are different and no two are the same. We can guarantee however a transparent service where you control the budget. All of our time and services will be documented and work will not be carried out without your consent. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide honest and clear communication. Once meeting with us to discuss your particular needs, we will be able to provide you with a plan and an estimate of the costs involved.

Process Serving

We are willing be competitive to win your business and are confident that once you utilise our service, you won�t look back. Our clients are always impressed with the speed in which we serve their documents. Often they are served the same day and if they aren�t, they are always served with 48 hours and returned to you with the signed supportive documentation within 72 hours. We believe we are one of the fastest, most professional and reliable process serving firms. All our legal documents / affidavits are computer generated thus minimizing mistakes and demonstrating professionalism to the courts.

Please contact us as we are willing to offer a discount fee structure for clients who will require our services regularly.

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